Patriot 5FHD



Item# 35411


The Patriot 5FHD hand-held digital magnifier is a

convenient aid to those dealing with low vision.

Small and compact, it can come to your aid

anytime, anywhere. It magnifies from 2X to

32X on its LCD screen. The Patriot 5FHD offers

multiple display modes to suit your individual

vision needs. It allows you to freeze text, adjust

brightness, highlight on rea ding text

horizontally and vertically, capture/save/recall

images for easier viewing.

The Patriot 5FHD digital magnifier is an appliance

for reading, viewing maps, menus, recipes, and

medication labels. It is also great for reading

labels and tags at retail stores or anywhere you

need bright light and convenient magnification.

The Patriot 5FHD is fantastic to view photographs

on all digital devices or physical photos!

Patriot 5FHD allows you to take that trip down

memory lane


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